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Hacking the cell connection of Audi MMI (2013 model)

After buying an Audi Q5 in large part based on the quality of the MMI (navigation/Google maps/car control system), I became convinced it would be hard for me to live without once the promotional period for cell data (6 months on T-mobile) expired.  The key things I wanted:

Real time traffic: super useful for at a glance routing.Voice (Google) searches for destinations (online destinations in Audi terms). It turns out that #1 isn't even served from cell data at all.  The traffic data comes from the Sirius satellite service, which expired before the T-Mobile promo did.  I was able to find out that Audi includes the traffic portion of the subscription, without any of the radio.  This is perfect for a geek who can get any radio I want from my cell phone (Google Music/Pandora/TuneIn Radio).
For #2, I would need an activated SIM.  I stumbled across a thread on an audi forum where other folks were discussing how to keep this functionality without paying T-Mobile 30 bucks a month (which se…

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