Multi-room audio that isn't Sonos

UPDATE (02/2016):  If you're looking for something for multi-room audio, Chromecast Audio is what you want.  I've totally moved to that.

I just finished setting up my "roll your own Sonos" system with Audioengine A5 speakers and an Airport express.  Add in Airfoil for Mac, and I can now stream anything on my computers (Pandora, Rdio, Itunes, etc) to the Kitchen where the new A5's live, and the Living room, which has a traditional Home Theater setup + Airport Express.  It also has dual audio in ports (3 total, actually 2 Headphone and 1 RCA) so plugging in a phone, tablet or god forbid, an iPod for local playback is easy too.

These babies sound amazing, and get LOUD.  It's more flexible, but less unified than a Sonos system, but I am really happy with it.  I like not being locked in to a platform, and able to use these for something else down the road.  I also like actually having two speakers, rather than a single box.  My only complaint is the lack of an airplay client for Android that would let me stream audio without plugging in.  That would be the icing on the cake, and is the only place the Sonos beats this setup, IMO.

If you're in the market for something like this (multi-room audio on the easy), I recommend the A5's.  I have a feeling we might be getting another set of these for the back of the house before 2012 is over...


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