Home music dilemma

After recently moving, I have reconfigured the home network a bit, and moved some things around.  The new house is considerably more spread out than the old one (and doesn't have a zoned speaker system built in, unfortunately).  This has me considering how to handle multi-room audio.

Here's my wish list:
  • Should be easily deployable and use wireless so I don't have to do a full in-wall speaker install with amps, etc.
  • Should be able to be controlled from my various Android devices and laptops.
  • Should support Rdio, Pandora, and my own music collection (Google Music support will satisfy this).
What I currently have:

In the office, the Hackintosh acts as the nerve center, which can play music locally with its Klipsch 2.1 speakers and also broadcast (via Airport Express and Airfoil) to the living room home theater system.  This works pretty well, but requires me to control the tunes from the office (or whatever computer I start using Airfoil on).  I also would like to add new zones for the kitchen and bedrooms.  I have a decision to make to stick with Airplay or move to another solution that supports the Android requirement better.

As I see it, I have the following options:

  • Add more Airport express' possibly paired with something like the Audioengine A5 bookshelf speakers (which has a built in power amp, for simple deployment with Airport Express).
    • Pros:  Easy to add to existing setup, relatively cheap for high quality speakers.
    • Cons:  No Android support, still need to use a master computer to control (ie. walk from the back to the front of the house to turn on music in the back).
  • Switch to Sonos
    • Pros:  It just works, and it is integrated with Android.  It supports Pandora, Rdio and Airplay.
    • Cons:  You need to use their speakers.  I'd prefer to decouple the speakers from the networking piece (for upgradability/swapping purposes).
  • Android @ Home
    • Pros:  Almost certainly will feature Google Music support.  It's android itself, so that means android devices will work with it.
    • Cons:  Not sure about Pandora or Rdio support, not available now.
  • Bite the bullet and wire the house with a traditional multi-room setup
    • Pros:  It will work.
    • Cons:  Expensive, labor intensive, and not "now" enough.  Let's face it:  I will not be doing this.

So my question is:  Is there another option that exists that I am missing?  How are folks accomplishing this?

Update:  For what I decided to do, see this post.


Well... may I suggest what I do for my home sound system? It is very cost effective and versitile. Buy several radios and place them in each desired room!

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