Hackintosh BIOS hacking

I'm posting this here as much for myself as for anyone else, as I just solved this from scratch for the second time.  Enough time had passed that I forgot how I originally solved it.  What is it you ask?

Problem:  On my hackintosh (home built box that runs OS X), the default BIOS settings caused a high pitched noise, like a squeal, that almost sounds like a hard drive, but is actually the PSU.  My motherboard is the GA-X68A-UD3R (2.0 with FF BIOS).  Several blogs point out that you can stop this by disabling EIST (a voltage regulator that adds speed when needed, and saves power when not needed), which is correct.  The bummer about this "fix" is that it cuts performance significantly.  My geekbench scores went from 10,400ish to 5,300ish.  Boo.

The "real solution":  In the advanced voltage area (M.I.T screen), you'll want to change your CPU vcore value from "Auto" to whatever the number is next to it.  For me, that was 1.2500V.  Once I did that, I got rid of the horrible noise, and still had killer performance (with EIST enabled).

So there you go, if nothing else, I'll probably refer back to this the next time I update my BIOS.  For more info on building your own Hackintosh, visit tonymacx86.blogspot.com, or follow Tonymac on Google+.



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