Home router selection for geeks (and paranoids)

Disclaimer:  I'm a bit of a nerd for this stuff.  To me, router stuff is super interesting, and I love tinkering.

I recently moved my home network off of tomato (for routing) and onto pfsense.  Pfsense is an open source FreeBSD based firewall platform (pf, not iptables) that can do everything your home router can do and a TON more.  It also provides great security, if configured correctly.  I initially selected it to run an OpenVPN client connection to my provider (making everything connected to it also on VPN).  I've since changed my view of this, as it was pretty complicated to get certain things working remotely through the tunnel.  I also realized this really mostly secures me from my provider (Sonic.com), who I trust, so no need.  I'm running this on a Mini-ITX dual-core Atom fan-less box, which is working really well.

Here's the obligatory screenshot:

I still use my standby favorite third party firmware: Shibby Tomato for my Asus RT-N66U access points, and have plans to start pen-testing the wireless side (with Kali) soon.  This should be interesting, as well as teach me more about the ins and outs of WiFi hacking (I have a lot to learn).

Have comments about pfsense, tomato, or Kali?  Let me know below.


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